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Material on
New evangelization
in Italy
edited by fr. Paolo Benvenuto, a catholic priest of Genoa - Italy

These pages present subjects
that can help development of
New Evangelization in Italy:
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Table of Content

1. Various Documents about New Evangelization

2. Experiences of New Evangelization:

First of all I begin wit presenting you an interesting article: What does S. Scripture say About Church Mission. It was written by Don Claudio Doglio, S. Scripture professor at Theological Faculty of Northern Italy, section of Genoa, and I find it really interesting. Give a look!

Then there are principal texts of Teachings who speak about New Evangelization: Documents of S. Seat and Documents of Italian Episcopal Conference (CEI).

* * *

There are also some reflection starting points about how much we, as priest and as laymen, live or don't live evangelization. In particular it is stated that for evangelizing we need to elaborate some itineraries.

* * *

And then the most interesting material:

Parish, vicariate (dean), diocesan experiences
of New Evangelization

A first class comprehends various experiences, who can be considered pastoral proposals based on evangelization.

First of all there is the system of Parish Cells of Evangelization who has to account to S. Eustorgio of Milano Parish. I think this is a pilot experience, very valid and exportable in other Community. She was born in scope of In Spirit Renewal, and starts from little groups (cells) of strongly motivated Christians, who do a walk that almost naturally involves other people. Thus these cells grow, and arrive at multiplying. At S. Eustorgio in about seven/eight years they increased from 20 to 130 cells! I surely invite you to studying her.

There is pastoral method of New Image of Parish (NIP), diffused all over Italy. On the contrary she starts from a people pastoral, so as to taste beauty of community, and from there she arrive at explicit faith proposal. You can find also some practical realizations of this experience: parish Ave Gratia Plena in Napoli-Barra tells the experience of messengers and children who bring near families, and in particular a proposal for Christmas time: Two hundred children announce peace more fast than fax.

You can read also the page that presents Parish Movement of "Focolari's Movement", diffused all over the world.


* * *

Significant experiences of single parish:

It's interesting the First Communion Pastoral for the Community one: is the S. Maria Assunta Parish experience, in Genoa Rivarolo.

S. Angela in Vado Parish, a Pesaro, elaborated a specific Family Pastoral with style of New Evangelization.

Some Hearing Communities, are born in Genoa, as typically parish groups, that put themselves on hearing of God Word for personal and Community growth.

At S. Martino Parish, in Villareggia, diocese of Ivrea, the parish priest animated a Lenten Prayer in families, proposing a significant moment that involved friends and neighbours too.

* * *

Some experiences of Town or parish Mission:

* * *

I present then extra-parish initiatives who regard announcing again Christ, motivating again Christian choice.

Experience coming from Spain and now well tested are the Cursillos of Christianity. The Cursillo is a "three days" addressed to adults, so that they can discover again Christian announcement.

In Genoa a priest and laymen group elaborated a version for young people with an age between 19 years old and 24, that kept name Young people Proposal.

Still in Genoa there is a very nice and dynamic, the Banchi Centre, that is a meeting point for people in search. It has its seat in Banchi Church in Genoa. It proposes the Search Walks, specifically thought for those people who approach faith.

There is also the evangelization Association Alfa-Omega: it's a community that was born in Roma and want to be parish service in order to discover again evangelization priority.

* * *

Finally I present some "catechumen" itineraries:

It's interesting walk of Neo-Catechumen Communities: here you find a presentation edited by their own "founder", Kiko Argüello. There is also a link to Italian pages about Walk.

Always about the same "catechumen" line, I indicate how much It's occurring in Lione, France, with Pastoral of "beginners again": specific walks for all people who approach again faith after much time.

I propose you also an idea that is hitherto only at studying level, but that perhaps is the route for future. In practice, hitherto announcement toward adults has been left exclusively to those movements or clerical form who have taken responsibility for it, in pioneering way.

The idea consists of studying a form

From this intuition some priests and laymen of Genoa tried to elaborate a parish itinerary of for adults catechumenate.

* * *

If you know other experiences and you would like to make them public... transfer them to me!

edited by
fr. Paolo Benvenuto < >
Via Salgari 4/4 - 16156 GENOVA PEGLI

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