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Young people Proposal

A First Announcement experience,
(but not only a first announcement)
to young people, today

I send you
(Gv 20,21)

"Some young men cry to have something.
A lot of them cry because they need somebody.
The only answer to this shout can be found in hearts who want to understand,
who have intelligence to understand people
and who have no fear to commit themselves neither to walk
in this bewilderment and confusion world:
in this obscure world that covers a deeper world of light."
(Jean Vanier)

How many times, in our life, we could not perceive, among so many noises, that answer that we are going to search!?

What can we add to our life?

How many, too much questions.

And then, what do we have to do?

To all the boys and girls who feel strong the wish to give sense to their life, the Church of Genoa offers a


Proposal was born in 1975 from’initiative of some diocese priest for answering a precise young people appeal: to acquire major clarity in faith through personal experiences comparison with Gospel.

Proposal addresses all the boys and girls in quest, with an age between 19 years old to 25 years old, who search an answer for their own life of young people in walk.

Proposal is an’Gospel announcement experience. It's expression of Church who entrusts young people the task to be, they first, hope communicators and peace operators in the world.

Proposal is a service from Community to Community who:

The activity of Proposal is possible thanks to Co-ordination service group: laymen and priest coming from different Communities who, during all the first year, sustain, guide and organise pools learning and walk, announcement awakening activities and all those moments offered by three days experience.

Obviously Co-ordination have not a managerial function, but it has to help and understand that all people have something to teach and so everybody is invited to get a good return on his own charisma, putting himself at announcing Church service.

Proposal is an experience of three days (from Thursday afternoon to Sunday afternoon) who offers to young people a personal growth moment through announcement of fundamental values of Christian life, fraternal sharing and sacraments celebration.

Proposal, finally, want to be a little spark of light destined to light up our walk toward the Friend who live in us, by heating him.

For further contacts, Co-ordination Group meets
every Tuesday evening from 9 p.m. o'clock to 10.30 p.m.
at P.zza Banchi seat, in Genoa (Italy)
Tel. (+39-10) 2472506

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fr. Paolo Benvenuto <donpaolo@gsi.it >
Via Salgari 4/4 - 16156 GENOVA PEGLI

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