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Home Page of
fr. Paolo Benvenuto
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New Evangelization:
Five evenings
for discovering again

of "faith choice"

Main content of these pages is the material about
New Evangelization
in Italy

to find, to search, to make inquiries, to become enthusiastic,
in order to live pastoral rush toward people who do not believe,
that Giovanni Paolo II is asking us strongly.

Jesus sends his disceples in mission

PanoramixThere is other interesting material, about Bible.

I indicate you a rarity: a job that explains how the Gospels were born.

Hot!I take an interest also in topics that are burning today.

Have a look and tell me what you think about... I will answer you with pleasure!

A child BaptismOn my brother site, Don Giovanni Benvenuto you can find a large quantity of material for the pastoral.

If you have some your material to send to me so that I put it on line, you will do a thing certainly helpful to many people!

Holy Shroud faceHave a look also to the"Just half an hour with...", a little help for your spiritual life.

If you are interested in it, I can send it to you!

A lionKaribu Tanzania!
My travel

in Tanzania:

a view of social and religious country life

Finally, always on my brother site, Don Giovanni Benvenuto, you find references to other pages, clerical and not, that could be useful to you.

Good surfing!

fr. Paolo

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