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S. Giacomo Maggiore di Pontedecimo parish, Genoa (Italy)


Five reflection evenings,
in encounter and dialogue,
for discovering again the "Christian faith choice"

S. Giacomo di Pontedecimo parish, in Genoa, performed in pastoral years 1996/97 a Christian faith "announcement". This initiative was born to answer Archbishop pastoral lines. In particular Archbishop expressed the need of "proposing faith truths, in their purity and integrity. In fact, God wanted all people in Christ, nobody excluded, Gospel recipients". And the "good news" is Lord Christ.

the Archbishop states in particular that "mainly during Lenten time we should encourage "spiritual encounters", calling to take part not only layman clerical aggregation members, but also other class of people. All the believers have right to be able to experiment with spirituality strong moments" (p. 19).

"There is always that pastoral problem about how urging adults "to discover again" the Baptism they received when they were children. During Lent we can propose a "Spiritual parish exercises Course" with baptismal background?" (p. 36).

"Announcement" is the proposal of five reflection evenings, in encounter and dialogue, for discovering of "Christian faith choice".


They are mainly those Christians who live in some way a religious experience, without being going to be involved by sacramental and clerical life.

In particular:

the adhesion, of single and couples, occurs by personal invitation. A leaflet supports the proposal and supplies an "adhesion form".

Who do the "Announcement":

"Announcement" subject:

It concerns four essential issues:

It bases itself mainly on alive laymen witness, on group dialogue among participants, on priest guide.

The fifth evening (Holy Thursday) is sustained by an announcement team (ritual Jewish Dinner) and by the whole parish Community (S. Mass "in coena Domini").

Just a little reporting about last "Announcement"

The evenings took place: on Monday 17th, on Wednesday 19th, on Friday 21st, on Holy Monday 24th, on Holy Thursday 27th of March.

The meetings occurred: inside Church for the whole Community; in Catechism classrooms for "newly arrived".

The participants of evenings in classrooms were 44, prevalently parents of Catechism children.

The parish priest impressions, Don Franco Minuto:

"It was a very beautiful experience.

On one hand the whole Community participation gave me joy: the Announcement team, the Service one, the prayers and witness offered through many writings: I report here an example:

"During "Announcement" days I commit myself to meditate on deep meaning of Resurrection Easter and to offer discomfort moments for those people who suffer. I try to join a more intense and taking part prayer (the Via Crucis), some solidarity gestures or visit to ill and elderly people".

On the other I am amazed at new participants generosity and interest about a vivid and sincere dialogue, encountering hearing and friendship. Among all of us wish of "continuing to live a Community experience" remained, beginning with little paces.

I can surely pronounce again Archbishop words in his already cited writing:

"Jesus is present in Church, His body, so that Church herself pastoral activity is a participation to the Jesus mission. Thus it's necessary to grow up more and more in all the Christians the consciousness that every authentic pastoral gesture is a ministerial gesture in his nature, i.e. a gesture made in the name of Lord. In our pastoral commitments Christ calls and sends us: for this we take part in His salvation mission. We become 'alive Sacrament' of Christ: as on Christ face we can look at Father face, as on Christian face men must look at Christ face".

Ultimately I wish to transfer to all people our Announcement "power": we sent to all the Liguria's monasteries a letter "to ask help". I report you also one answer among the many other ones:

"Santa Chiara Monastery, Leivi (Italy), 15th of March 1997

Dear Don Franco and dear ""my Parish".


...We were so glad together in ascertaining as you considered very important sustaining an announcement by means of prayer power: we are joint together with you in interceding for all people – praying and announcement recipient – the gift of a circumcised heart who is able to receive Spirit light, His life novelty.

And We pray that the Spirit breaks every hardness, that He moves away every fears, He dissolves every resistance so that, when we will meet the Risen again, He find us ready to follow Him as true, courageous disciples...

A dear memory

Sister Chiara Gioia (Marilena De Negri)"

Then one participant was baptized inside the Cathedral, at Easter, on the holy Saturday. An only civil married couple then asked religious marriage. A divorced woman, after the announcement, decided to baptize her eight years old daughter. From the announcement three group composed by five young family couples were born and they have continued their faith walk for the rest of year".

In Genoa the experience was made in parishes of S. Sabina, S. Siro, Provvidenza, Marassi, S. Rocco di Principe.

(See also teaching aid Mission 2000, for preparing to Jubilee)

And here is the Leaflet 1998

Parish S. Giacomo Pontedecimo

Lent 1998



Why stopping to reflect?

There are situations in everybody life in which we have the opportunity to do such reflection.

It can occur on the occasion of a moment of growth in son's faith: Catechism school, the First Communion or the Confirmation.

It can occur because of a joyful or painful event that moved us particularly.

It can occur on the occasion of an invitation of a friend. It may be for knowing better parish Community.

In any case Lord Jesus knocks on our door.

Let's forget for a moment real difficulties due to family and work commitments, to tiredness, etc.

If we want, we can open the door to the extraordinary Guest.

Our Archbishop, during recent Pastoral Visit encouraged this initiative for preparing us to Jubilee celebration of 2000.

This "announcement" will be presented
by a eight adults group and by a priest.
They simply try to repeat
the first Christian experience:

"That Jesus
whom we listened to,
whom we saw with our eyes,
and whom our hands touched,
we announce Him
so that you are joint to us
and our joy is full".
(From First S. Giovanni letter)

Technical remarks

The encounters will take place in March–April 1998
no these days:
Monday 30th of March, Wednesday 1st of April,
Friday 3rd of April, Monday of 6th April (Holy Monday),
with hours from 8.30 p.m. to 10.30 p.m.
inside the parish Catechism classrooms

On Holy Thursday, 9th of April, the conclusion will take place with the S. Mass.

A continuative participation to all evenings is required.

We advise spouses to be present together.

For facilitating participation of parents with young children, we will prepare a free baby-sitter service.

We ask you to give your adhesion, through here reported coupon, as soon as possible, however not beyond the 23rd of March

We hope that you want to welcome with generosity and courage this proposal and we are looking forward to meet you.


To the Pontedecimo Community :

Don Franco, Antonietta, Beatrice, Gianfranco, Maria, Federico, Lucia, Angelo, Maria Grazia.


Surname _______________________________________________________________

First name _________________ and ______________________________________________

Address ____________________________________ Telephone _______________

I wish to give my adhesion.

Requests or particular difficulties: ___________________________________


Date ________________ Signature ___________________________________________

edited by
fr. Paolo Benvenuto <donpaolo@gsi.it >
Via Salgari 4/4 - 16156 GENOVA PEGLI

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