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[A my photo]I am fr. Paolo Benvenuto, I come from Genoa - Italy

If you want to write to me:

Preferably send a normal message to my address, that is

To have a total secrecy you can use my cryptographic public key pgp (naturally you must have installed the software - and know how to use it!pgp: in case have a look at italian site on PGP). So that I can answer you in reserved way you must send to me your public key.

Only if you do not get in the previous way you can use the form below.

Compile the e-mail field (absolutely necessary!) and that about your personal particulars, read with much attention the whole form, in case changing the authorisations setting, and then write on the square what you want to say to me, and finish pushing the button <Send form>.

To ask me some information about updating you can use the form below:

According to the sensibility and the present legislation about privacy
I ensure that personal data will be at my esclusive disposal,
and that for any reasons
they never will be transferred to anyone
or used for aims different from those you will explicitly indicate me giving explicit authorisation.

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e-mail Generalit
I authorize you to use my e-mail address according to these forms:
object frequency


  • to send to me communication
    when you will update in significant way the site
At the most two times at month
one time every two months
  • to send to me
    other communications that you will consider important,
    normally of "pastoral" character
at the most one time at month

Comments, suggestions, etc.:

If you sent the right e-mail,
you should receive an answer soon enough.

If within one week you do not receive anything,
return on these pages
and send again this form
mainly controlling to put your right e-mail.

edited by
fr. Paolo Benvenuto < >
Via Salgari 4/4 - 16156 GENOVA PEGLI

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