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Who's who di
d. Paolo Benvenuto
a Catholic priest in Genoa - Italy

Who am I? I was born in (now distant) 1962, in Genoa, Italy, Europe, from a modest family, 5 children brought up with one clerk pay.

I attended Scientific High School Cassini in Genoa (Italy), at which I took my School Leaving Certificate in 1981.

Scientific interests, I attended the University Degree Course of Physics, at the University of Genoa, where I graduated in 1986 with a Thesis about Savona port silting up in condition of sea storm.

[beh, nothing exceptional,

only my photo in sports clothes!] After that, I thought to put my University Degree under a table foot, and I came in the Seminary of Genoa to become a priest.

There I found again my passion for football.

By the grace of God, on the 20th of May 1992 Cardinal Canestri ordained me presbyter.

I am very glad to be a priest, and at present I do my pastoral service at Pegli, pleasant country town on the Ligure coast, now situated between Multedo oil port and Prą terminal container.

I am vice-parish priest at the S. Francesco d'Assisi parish, placed in Salgari street. I love my parish community, and I ask you too, who are reading, for a prayer for all of us.

As well as parish, I manage youth pastoral at Pegli vicariate.

[A photo made during a summer camp]During summer I willing organize camps with boys and young men.

Occasionally I collaborate with monthly Pegli's Il Ponentino, managed by Antonio Marani.

Ahh.... I forgot! This image can show what... rascal I was when I was a child... :-)))

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fr. Paolo Benvenuto < >
Via Salgari 4/4 - 16156 GENOVA PEGLI

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